What To Expect On Your Visit

What does a Sunday morning at North look like? 
You will experience a warm and loving community in a Christ centered worship experience designed to bring learning, healing and encouragement to all who attend. Our services begin promptly at 9:30 and 11:00am. Please make plans to attend; we would all love to meet you. 
How should I dress when attending at North?
There is no dress code, so feel free to come as you are. At North we care more about what you get out of the community then we are about how you are dressed.
How will I know where to go once I get to North?
There are friendly people at every entrance to help you find your way. We suggest coming a few minutes early to make sure you feel comfortable getting where you are going. 
If I am new to North will I be pointed out?
Absolutely not. Guests are not asked to stand up to be recognized or called out in any way. At North we do all that we can to make your time with us enjoyable, uplifting and meaningful. 
What programs are available at North for my children and teenagers on Sunday mornings?
There are children’s programs available during both services for infants through 4th graders. At 9:30 they are in groups according to their age, and at 11:00 they get to experience a large group kids’ service. Additionally, teenagers in the 5th through 8th grades meet together at 9:30 and join the worship service at 11:00. The 9th through 12th grade teens join the 9:30 worship service and then meet together at 11:00. For assistance on finding where you children go please see one our friendly greeters. They would love to help you. 
How is the staff organized at North?
North is a Leadership Team driven, staff led church that is supported by an Advisory Team and an Elder Team which consists of church members. Day to day operations are overseen by the Leadership Team.