North has changed the trajectory of my life. If it were not for the ones who sought me out to show me the love of Christ, I would be completely distant from Him, and unaware of the life He had in mind for me. We can’t underestimate our significance in the needs and lives of others.
— Lauren Hanlon Buchanan
It’s hard to describe how much North has meant to us. It meant a lot as we were raising our daughter. We’ve had four grandchildren come through NCS. It’s been a way of life for us. It’s just means everything to us. It’s a foundation.
— Sonny & Joan Foley
NCS has been a huge blessing for our family. We send our two children to school knowing they are safe and learning not only basic studies, but also the Bible and the importance of having Jesus in their hearts!
— Paul & Jenny Owens
North has given us the tools we need to deepen our relationship with the Lord, strengthen our marriage, teach our kids the love of Christ, build lasting friendships, share the gospel and be a light in our community. We love it here!
— Todd & Kristin Gebhardt
North has certainly shown Colossians 3:23-24 to us after Bill’s stroke. From maintaining a meal program, to the teens working on our deck, grass mowed, help with medicines, groceries, furnace, water leaks, snow removal, and helping us to stay connected and continued prayers even though our physical presence has been a great difficulty, we cannot possibly list all the ways North has come to our aid. Thank you is so inadequate an expression for how we feel. If Bill could speak, I know he would echo my sentiments. Indeed, this is a church that loves God, loves people, and serves others in Jesus’ name.
— Bill & Martha Bennett
Love the church. I help with the youth group Sunday evenings. If you have or know of a student that wants to get connected, tell them to come to Floor 1 where all the fun happens. I guarantee they will laugh, have fun, and learn something new.
— Alex Perez
NPBC has shown me there are still people who care about others. Even though I don’t get to go very often, this church has been a blessing to me, and in some way has made my life easier to cope with things. The people who go there are the most nice, caring, thoughtful, loving and beautiful people. It’s the best church I’ve ever been to, and the way the pastors preach I understand more.
— Gloria Hood

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