Mary Thompson ~ Men and Women
 6:00pm ~ NCS School Library
Accountability Group ~People looking to break bad habits!

Mary is originally from the Washington, D.C. area but came to Parkersburg nine years ago from Washington State.  Mary moved to Parkersburg to be closer to her beautiful grandchildren, who lovingly call her “Mama Bear.”  She’s retired and has two grown children, one here in Parkersburg, and one in Washington State.  Having found many opportunities to invest herself here at North, Mary volunteers and serves in several capacities.  Mary loves her family, Parkersburg, and North!

Mary’s accountability group is open to everyone. We believe that all have been blessed with abundant life, but admit that we do things that get in the way of enjoying life to the full.  This group meets to celebrate their individual successes and brainstorm when obstacles arise. They then create goals for the upcoming week to which they are held accountable for achieving. Accountability is a powerful and effective tool for making behavior changes and breaking bad habits. Any behavior change or improvement goal is welcome. Be prepared to be transformed!

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