Steve Stalnaker ~ Men and Women
11:00am ~ Conference Room 3

Steve is a native West Virginian. He married his wife Helen in the 1980's. North was an important part of their life and their oldest daughter, Jennifer, was dedicated in this church. Jennifer, her husband and two daughters live in Atlanta.  After leaving the Parkersburg area, Steve and Helen had a second daughter, Meredith, who is a dentist in Memphis. The Stalnakers returned to Parkersburg after a 20+ year absence in 2011 and have enjoyed getting involved again at North.  Away from work, Steve’s interests include WVU sports--especially football--hunting, traveling and, of course, visiting his granddaughters. 

Their CONNECT Group is comprised of a great group of people. They welcome all ages because they know no matter what one's stage in life, we all go through similar experiences--joy, stress, doubt, celebrations, etc.  The focus of their group is to understand God's plan for our life and to help one another to be successful in His will. 

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