Clendenin, West Virginia Flood Recovery

On June 23, 2016 the central West Virginia counties received more than 10 inches of rain in a few hours.  This historic rainfall caused severe flooding to several counties and claimed the lives of 24 people along with historic high flood levels and damage to entire towns.  It has been billed as the "1000 year flood."  
Members of North's Domestic Missions Team spent five weeks helping the survivors clean out their homes of soaked possessions,  mud and sheet-rock.  We cleaned the homes of the mud and mold that had started to claim the homes.  
The most important part of our day was spent talking to the homeowners and sharing the love of Jesus with them.




After the furnishings were removed to the roadside for pick-up, the floor had to be removed down to the


The sheet-rock had to be removed to a line above the water level in the home.  The insulation also had to be removed due to mold growth.


Not only does the house need to be cleaned out but the basement or crawl space has to also be cleaned out so  that the home can dry out properly. The things the home owner has stored under the home needs removed along with the furnace duct-work.  This is three of our team members after spending the day cleaning out from under two homes.  

The pictures below are typical of the mold growth we encountered in many of the homes we cleaned out.


The home is nearing completion. The sheet-rock has been removed to the ceiling and the flooring down to the sub-floor.  The home is now ready for mold mitigation.