Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up!
— James 4:10

Dig deeper into God’s Word going beyond just an experience to fully realizing God’s power in your every day living. Join one of our Sunday CONNECT groups for a 6-week study of the Book of James. The study will expand on the Sunday message series and include video lessons, discussion time, and fellowship with other believers. To register or get more information, submit the form below and someone will contact you. 

James CONNECT Group times


  • Todd Gebhardt, Couples, Boggess Hall
  • Derek Snyder, Men & Women, Conference Room 3


  • Josh Burdette, Men & Women, Boggess Hall
  • Dave Doering, Men & Women, Boggess Hall
  • Steve Stalnaker, Men & Women, Conference Room 3


  • Dave & Andrea Raines, Men & Women, Boggess Hall
  • Heather Ryan, Men & Women, Boggess Hall