What is Greater Things?

In November of 2014, we launched the Greater Things Campaign to grow our HEARTS, grow and renew our CAMPUS, and grow our IMPACT for the Kingdom of God. 

Take a look back as we praise God for His blessings throughout the three-year Campaign.

Year One

To learn a little more, watch the Commitment Day video below:


For over one hundred years, North Parkersburg Baptist Church has been called to change lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Mid-Ohio Valley. In 2012, God led us to begin a campaign to continue to pursue that same purpose. The Growth 2013 Campaign was designed to fulfill God’s next steps for North and His desire to change lives.
On July 27, 2014 we had an amazing Celebration Sunday highlighting all the ways God used our church to minister to people. We were able to accomplish updates to the Training Center, provide 20,000 meals for the Friendship Kitchen, update our sound equipment in the Worship Center, and much more.   
But greater things are still to be done. We know there are more souls to be won for Christ and more people that need to experience the compassion of Jesus through us.  Therefore in November 2014, we launched the Greater Things Campaign. 

We believe that God has provided us with a unique opportunity through our Greater Things Campaign to increase our impact in the lives of others. As we focus on this Capital Stewardship Campaign, we want you to reflect on God’s blessings in your life and upon our church. Certainly, we cannot help but feel gratitude and anticipation as we pursue God’s will.

We are confident that the Greater Things Campaign will  enable us to effectively broaden our ministries and provide greater opportunities for outreach and growth. In order to position our church for the greatest future possible, the Greater Things Campaign will include the following projects: 

  • New Gymnasium that will provide ample room for Upward, Adult Sports Ministry, additional classrooms and space for Outreach Events

  • Welcome Center in the Chapel to accommodate our growing church family

  • New Buses for the church and the Friendship Kitchen

  • Freedom from church debt

We know there are more souls to be won for Christ and more people that need to experience the compassion of Jesus through us.

Ministry space:
New Gym and Chapel Renovation!

Did you know that more than 2,000 people travel through the gym each year? From school children, to i12 ministries, to Upward athletes and parents, the gym sees a steady flow of people. Unfortunately, in order to be an effective space, it needs to be replaced.
The gym expansion is a priority. We are raising young champions for Christ through our i12 Ministries, however, we currently have inadequate space for growth. Rebuilding our current gymnasium will allow this ministry to grow beyond its current limited capacity. 
A new gym will provide classroom space for North Christian School. It will also give the Tween Ministry an area of their own.
North Sports Ministries will also benefit from a new facility to house their activities. Upward will have more space to reach a greater number of people with the gospel through recreational sports.

The gym isn't just a gym. It is a door way to Jesus, to hope for kids and their families.

Because of our growth, more space is needed to prevent crowding and give people a place to fellowship before and after services. To accomplish this, plans are in place to convert the Chapel into a meeting place and Welcome Center. Renovation will also include making a safe entrance for the new Welcome Center to the Training Center.
The Welcome Center will provide a space for friends to gather over a cup of coffee and for groups to meet and grow in their relationship with God and each other.

The welcome area is more than an area. It is friendships and community; it is real life connecting with real life.

New Buses for Ministry

Transportation is currently a problem for the Friendship Kitchen, i12 Ministries and North Christian School.
The Friendship Kitchen serves over 20,000 meals annually. Three days a week volunteers minister by providing warm meals and friendship, but this can’t happen if the guests don’t have transportation to the kitchen. Over 1,000 rides are provided to the kitchen each year. 
With funds from the Greater Things Campaign, we will purchase two new buses that will benefit all our ministries. One bus will primarily be used for the Friendship Kitchen. The other bus will be used for NCS and i12 trips. From field trips to camps, the bus will give students a safe ride to and from events.

The bus isn’t just a bus. It is dignity, respect, and a warm meal for many, and it is transportation to life changing events.

Retiring Debt

We currently are carrying old debt. Just imagine all the ministry we could do to advance the kingdom of God if we didn’t have to pay the bank every month.  Retiring the debt will give us the freedom to invest more of our resources to do more ministry and see more lives changed by Jesus Christ!  

It’s not just retiring debt.  It is FREEDOM!
No debt means more discipleship, ministry and outreach that changes people’s eternity!

Year Two

Greater Things Moving Forward

November 1, 2015 we celebrated one year of the Greater Things Campaign. Below is a video highlighting how we are moving forward to grow our HEARTS, grow and renew our CAMPUS,and grow our IMPACT for the Kingdom of God.

Groundbreaking Held For Gym Renovation July 31

Sunday, July 31 North celebrated what God is doing through the Greater Things campaign. The gym renovation officially began with the groundbreaking ceremony for the gym renovation. "Building a building doesn't change lives.  A building is a tool in the hands of God’s people with burning hearts to see people’s lives changed by Christ," said Pastor Mike Towner. During both services, members watched a live feed of the groundbreaking then had the opportunity to participate in the event at the end of each service. Members wrote names or initials on stakes of people they could invest in during the coming year. After a time of prayer in the gym, the stakes were placed in the ground behind the gym.

November 13, 2016 we celebrated God’s many blessings from the past two years and took a look forward to what He has in store for the future. Renovation on the gym is underway and a new hallway has been added from the Chapel to the Training Center. As we enter the final year of the Greater Things Campaign projects, we are finishing strong! 

Greater Things: Finishing Strong booklet

Gym Grand Opening

April 2, 2017 we celebrated what God was doing through the Greater Things Campaign. Children, youth and adults had the opportunity to tour the renovated gym and the new addition during the morning service. The new gymnasium provides ample room for Upward, Adult Sports Ministry, additional classrooms and space for outreach events.

Welcome Center

Renovations are being made to the Chapel to create an updated space for a Welcome Center, Wednesday services and special events. New light fixtures and carpet were installed as well as a tiled section for a food service area. In addition to the room itself, a hallway with a large wall sign displaying our purpose was added connecting the Chapel to the Training Center. 

New Bus and Passenger Van

Bus picture.jpg

The new vehicles provide transportation for the Friendship Kitchen, i12 Ministries and North Christian School.