Upcoming Domestic Mission Trip

Clendenin, West Virginia
April 7th-9th

Our Domestic Mission Team will traveling to Clendenin, WV to aide in rebuilding from the devastating flooding last summer. The team will leave at 6:00pm on Friday, April 7 and return on Sunday, April 9.

Hundreds of families in the Clendenin area are still homeless from the flood that ravaged the area on June 23, 2016 resulting in 23 deaths. The flooding was the result of 8 to 10 inches of rain falling over a period of 12 hours. This flood was among the deadliest in West Virginia history.

North's Domestic Missions Team has partnered with The Greater Kanawha County Long Term Recovery Committee to help those affected by this flood to rebuild their homes and lives. This would be a perfect opportunity for those who feel the calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus through a short term mission.

For more information, please contact Jim Rodgers at jimrodgers@northpbc.org by April 3 or register by clicking the form below.